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sorry y;all
I dont really update my LJ anymore,
use it to comment on ONTD and other communities really
u can add me on twitter @tizaunrx if you really wanna hear my rants.
or FB if u wanna message me for that!
so sick.
spent like 24 hrs in bed.
i think its the flu.
im gonna sweat it out.
back from vacation! 2 weeks not in new york and i missed it. i was with the family for a week in boston. It was fun. My brother got married. and then one more week in chicago. it was sooo much fun. but now im back and in reality. but i have some exciting things happening my way so lets see what. i have tons of pics to update soon.

Jul. 23rd, 2009

i need a new job. please.


wow i havent updated this since starting at topshop.
well i hate it. hahah currently looking for a new job.
but i gotta stay here til i find one
its njot what i want to be doing at all.

but on the good side.
my new apt is great.
and im semi dating this awesome guy

is 130am right now i just wanted to give a quick update. will soon

don't let me stop you.

ah! finally a real post.
Been so busy since the move to NYC. I just finished working fashion week as a PR/Casting Director's Intern at Seventh House 14 hour days for freeee! As sucky as it was to work for free, it was amazing. I got to do a lot of things that I didnt think I would get to do, I got to cast all the models for 5 shows, do Bryant Park, meet Chanel Iman, and meet other random celebrities. Twas fun! but now its back to reality.
So I left Buffalo Exchange, and on Monday I start my new job training for sales advisor for TopShop/TopMan. I know it that is retail, not something I want to do but the money is good. I think I can afford to stay in the city and pay student loans back. WOOOO.
BTW, I am looking for a new apt for May 1, so if anyone knows anyone who plans on moving here. HEY HEY holler at me.

Hopefully all goes to plan as my new yours resolutions/
new job (check)
new apt (getting there)
dating??? (oh my!!!!)

nothing else to report, besides I've had 3 days off and its been glorious. I am excited to work though, and be able to afford a new better apt closer to the city, instead of this far away brooklyn place i have and be able to afford 600 a month in student loans ah!

but I leave you with a wheres waldo of me! see if you spot me!

work it honnnney!

and i love the new kelly clarson btw.

one more new york post.

hope everyone is having a good new year so far.

ive been busy as hell.
working full time, and now interning for freee.
its okay, ill be working FASHION WEEEEEEK.
and i have some other job prospects, so be on the look out.
 I WISH I HAD MORE TIME TO UPDATE< But im literally running out the door now.


Nov. 10th, 2008

sorry i havent been posting... to NYC is HARD.
ive been working like a dog, and AHHHH!!!

i don't know how long im gonna last, we'll see.
back to work i go.
and i live in queens with no TV. =(

are you ready to jump?

so i've decided to move to new york city in october.
why? because it makes sense to be closer to home, be in the fashion capital city of the world, find a real job. nothing really is keeping me in chicago. no real job, no boyfriend, nada. I think I've grown all that I can here. Moving is stressing me out. I need to finish my last  5 weeks of school, and figure it out. I already have a job, working at the buffalo exchange in brooklyn while i do my job hunt.
Of course, im doing all of this in less than 2 months, thats me. Never looking before I leap.
Pray for me everyone!
Its scary/exciting/crazy!

gotta go do more homework now yikes!